Modern Baseball- Broken Cash Machine (x)

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Among the Wildflowers - The Hotelier

Let me go. Too unstable to wane. 
Chewing wildflowers to numb the pain. 

Cut the lines. You’ll be fine 
but if you break when I break, will you carry me away? 

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Anonymous said: I am so jealous of you & your bf. he's super hot & he sounds like a keeper! It sounds like you guys have a really healthy and hot "sex life", how often do you two have sex? How do you keep it spicy 9months in?

Haha, thank you very much! He definitely is “super hot”, more so handsome in my books, but nonetheless… I don’t plan on letting him go, he’s absolutely wonderful - most certainly a keeper. 

We aim to make time to have sex everyday. It’s difficult sometimes, as we work opposite shifts. However, it’s always nice to take the time to be intimate with your significant other. I’ve known a lot of relationships to go stagnant due to such things.

As for how we keep it “spicy” over nine months into our relationship, we are always trying new positions, toys, places (indoor/outdoor), etc. We aren’t routine in the slightest, it’s always a different experience each time we’re together. I bought a full lingerie outfit for him recently, so I’m sure that was also helpful! Haha. Aside from that, we just thoroughly enjoy being together in bed, therefore we don’t really have to worry about making attempts to keep sparks alive, or anything of the sort. 

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Citizen by Jordan Felix


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