I was hoping you’d save me from me [x]

Anonymous said: Best sex you've ever had? Why was it so great? Who's was that with? Craziest place you've had sex? Hookup you wish didn't happen? Favourite thing to do/have done to you during sex AND GO!

The best sex I’ve ever had, would be with my current boyfriend - Nate. Each and every time we are intimate together it’s nothing short of amazing. It’s even more great, due to the fact that I’m head over heels in love with him, haha. We like the same things, and we’ve learned how to please each other, therefore each time we’re together in bed, it only gets better. 

Hookup I wish didn’t happen would be the two one night stands that I’ve had, as well as sleeping with one of my middle school best friends. I’d be ok if those encounters never occurred.

As for favourite things to do/have done during sex… I appreciate rough sex, I don’t know how descriptive your desired answer should be, so interpret that how you will, haha.

  -  15 September 2014

Anonymous said: You met online? Did he msg you first or other way around? Why him? Weren't you worried about him being a old man or something?

Yep, we did! Not many people are aware of this however, only those I’ve cared to share our backstory with. I messaged him first, jokingly making fun of the description he had wrote in the “date” section, on his profile. We began talking from there, and it kind of just went from there.

Of course I was worried about meeting an old man, or someone who was not who I had been talking to online, I think that would be a concern for anyone. Whether meeting someone in the sense of a “date”, or otherwise. I’ve definitely seen Catfish! All I have to say is, it was certainly worth the risk :). 

  -  15 September 2014

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Anonymous said: You & your bf are so friggin cute together! How did you two meet? He's super hot & sounds amazing, your one lucky girl!

Thank you, so much! Long story, short - we met online (actually). He definitely is “super hot”. I personally think he’s the most handsome person I’ve been with, and I do indeed consider myself one lucky girl. 

  -  15 September 2014

Almost forgot that I get to see Being as an Ocean on Thursday! Too stoked. Kinda bummed they’re only playing two songs off of their first album tho.

  -  15 September 2014